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The 10 most important FH universities of applied sciences of Bildungsauslaender students of postgraduate studies1) in 2010 studying for a Master's degree, by quantity
FH universities of applied sciences
2009 = 100
H Anhalt (FH)354114,6
H Bremen264128,2
FH Aachen259132,8
FH Köln229138,0
FH Fulda229120,5
h_da - H Darmstadt (FH)197117,3
HS für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin185132,1
FH für Technik und Wirtschaft Reutlingen171101,8
H Esslingen (FH)15394,4
FH Offenburg153107,7
1) According to the guidelines of the Federal Statistical Office Master degrees are assigned to post-graduate studies
2010 = winter semester 2009/2010, apply analogous to the other years
Source: Student Statistics Federal Statistical Office; HIS computations

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