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Average time spent in higher education and time spent in academic study until the graduation of a first degree course3) for Bildungsauslaender graduates and german graduates of higher education institutions in graduation year 2010, by universities, universities of applied sciences, subject groups and types of examination
Subject groupsUniversities, including Colleges of art and musicUniversities of applied sciences
Types of degreesTime spent in higher education1)Time spent in academic study2)Time spent in higher education1)Time spent in academic study2)
Bildungs- auslaenderGermanBildungs- auslaenderGermanBildungs- auslaenderGermanBildungs- auslaenderGerman
Language and Cultural Studies
Diplom and other degrees14,6714,0113,2712,26----
Doctorates (first degree)19,8326,6020,7516,00----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)11,5211,6410,069,78----
FH degrees-9,17-8,3312,4010,9911,2110,21
Other degrees6,8310,568,007,33----
Diplom and other degrees13,5513,1914,1711,86----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)11,5012,049,6010,40----
Law, Economics/Business Administration, Social Sciences
Diplom and other degrees12,8812,7512,1911,48----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)19,3312,4713,2010,03----
FH degrees12,1310,7711,009,9810,949,289,958,68
Other degrees3,742,672,592,33----
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Diplom and other degrees14,1313,0613,6112,23----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)12,0311,2110,239,65----
FH degrees12,0013,5612,0013,3513,1311,9112,1710,89
Other degrees---2,00-6,00-6,00
Human Medicine/Health Science
Diplom and other degrees15,1814,4514,7013,26----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)8,0010,446,508,78-6,60-6,00
FH degrees----14,009,3611,708,87
Veterinary Medicine
Diplom and other degrees11,8711,9711,6311,28----
Agricultural, Forestry and Nutritional Sciences
Diplom and other degrees12,8412,7513,1611,70----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)-12,00-9,17-9,00-6,25
FH degrees-7,42-7,0010,0610,7810,299,95
Other degrees13,509,8210,509,20----
Diplom and other degrees12,0913,3112,7012,43----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)10,0013,0510,0010,444,008,254,006,75
Artistic degrees12,5015,2512,8312,55----
FH degrees20,0012,2318,0011,4112,2311,2211,1010,43
Art, Art Theory
Diplom and other degrees13,6214,3812,1112,45----
Doctorates (first degree)28,0027,1328,0026,88----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)15,0012,1511,109,99-10,25-7,25
Artistic degrees8,7212,6510,0510,51----
FH degrees-9,65-8,6511,8111,2911,3710,18
Other degrees-----6,00-6,00
Diplom and other degrees13,5913,3613,0412,13----
Doctorates (first degree)21,0026,9221,5620,35----
Teaching degrees (incl. BA/MA)11,8411,6410,169,814,008,154,006,38
Artistic degrees8,7612,7210,0810,56----
FH degrees14,3611,3813,4710,5911,7810,2310,729,51
Other degrees4,839,943,627,49-6,00-6,00
1) Time spent in higher education = the period during a Bildungsauslaender respectively a german student is enrolled at a german higher education institution. It will be taken in semesters of higher education.
2) Time spent in academic study= the period during the studies are made in a determinated study field (if necessary in consideration of recognized study periods in another study field respectively a study abroad). It will be taken in semesters of subject.
3) According to the guidelines of the Federal Statistical Office Master degrees are assigned to post-graduate studies
2010 = graduation year = winter semester 2009/10 and summer semester 2010, apply analogous to the other years
Source: Student Statistics Federal Statistical Office; HIS computations

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