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Data Collection 2020

For the forthcoming volume of Wissenschaft Weltoffen 2020 (to be published in June/July 2020) we would very much like you to help us by providing data on study visits abroad by German academics and researchers and/or on study visits in Germany by foreign academics and researchers both funded by your organisation in 2018. For this we offer you a questionnaire as an Excel-document: [download].

For smaller amounts of data we alternatively offer a brief questionnaire as a Word-document: [download].

Please e-mail the questionnaire with your data to Dr. Heublein () or by mail to DZHW GmbH, Attn: Dr. Heublein, Lange Laube 12, 30159 Hannover, Germany.

For any questions you can phone Dr. Heublein: 0049-511-450-670-0 (Fax: 0049-511-450-670-960).

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