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Country and subject-related reasons given by Bildungsauslaender Master's students for studying in Germany (2012), in % (Scale from 1 = not at all important to 5 = very important, values 4 + 5)
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Country-related reasons
because Germany is a technologically advanced country 69
to deepen my language skills 66
because studying in Germany meets my financial capabilities 59
get to know Germany 57
interest in German culture/history 52
friends/acquaintances who have studied in Germany 32
because my country/my family has a particularly close relationship with Germany 19
Subject-related reasons
better job opportunities 88
program had no choice 85
opportunity to acquire internationally recognized degree 78
good reputation of German universities 78
acquire specialized knowledge 76
better studying conditions 72
collect research experience 66
other teaching and learning to meet 63
opportunity to study without tuition fees 59
greater academic freedom 53
larger programmes 46
course is offered in English 38
Source: 20. DSW Social Survey

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