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Focus topic

1. International mobility of Academics and Researchers
    1. Academic and researcher mobility as an aim of internationalisation strategies in Germany
    2. Foreign Academics and Researchers in Germany
    3. German Academics and Researchers abroad
    4. Causes and effects of international academic and researcher mobility

2. International Master's Students at German Higher Education Institution (2015)
    1. Development of numbers of students and graduates
    2. Choice of study programme and start of the studies
    3. Regional origin, subject focus and choice of higher education institution
    4. English-language master's programmes in Germany and other host countries
    5. Integration into day-to-day student life
    6. Completion of degree, rates of success and intention of staying in Germany

3. USA and Germany - academic exchange and student mobility (2014)
    1. US students in Germany
    2. German students in the USA
    3. US academics and researchers in Germany
    4. German academics and researchers in the USA

4. German Students Abroad (2013)
    1. Degree-related international mobility
    2. Temporary study-related visits abroad
    3. Temporary study-related visits abroad with ERASMUS

5. Chinese Students at German Universities (2012)
    1. Chinese Students
    2. Chinese first-year students
    3. Chinese graduates
    4. Chinese students in international comparison

6. Studying for a master's degree abroad (2011)
    1. At a glance
    2. Questioning results

7. Foreign Doctoral Students (2010)
    1. At a glance
    2. Questioning results





















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