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Types of studies

Three types of study are possible at higher education institutions in Germany. First degree courses are studies that lead to a first academic degree. (Post)graduate studies are studies taken after completing a first degree course and include studies such as a second degree course, post-graduate courses, complementary, extension or supplementary studies, refresher courses or continuing training courses, and since the winter term 2009/10 consecutive master courses. Doctoral studies involve a programme of post-first-degree studies taken to gain a doctorate.

The type of studies is defined and described in the official higher education statistics as part of the classification system used to record and analyse degrees. - see: Final degrees

"Wissenschaft weltoffen" applies the classification system as follows:

WWO Official Statistics
First degree course First degree course, continuing studies to improve the degree grade, doctorate as a degree gained in a first degree course
(Post)graduate studies Second degree course, postgraduate course, extension and complementary studies, refresher course/continuing training, consecutive master course
Doctoral studies Doctoral studies taken after gaining another 1st degree
Not studying for a degree Not studying for a degree or no degree possible

The "not studying for a degree or no degree possible" category is exclusively used to record students who only take sections of a degree programme or who attend individual courses which do not qualify for a degree. Since higher education institutions diverge from this category definition specified by the official statistics and also - albeit incorrectly - record students who wish to complete their studies not in Germany but rather abroad, the figures shown here are neither suitable for their designated purpose nor for documenting foreign students who wish to complete their studies abroad.

see: Doctoral studies

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