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Funding organisations for the exchange of academics and researchers

Numerous organisations in Germany directly fund stays by foreign academics and researchers in Germany and/or by German academics and researchers abroad. Such stays aim to facilitate time-limited research and/or teaching. The goals, financial conditions and organisation of the funding as well as the financial capacity of the funding organisations take just as many different forms as do the data and information with which they document their activities.

DAAD and DZHW annually write to around 40 organisations and request that the relevant data are made available by a specific deadline.

Since work started on "Wissenschaft weltoffen" in 1999, the following organisations have emerged as willing to provide the required data on an annual basis:

Not all organisations fund stays abroad by German academics and researchers and stays in Germany by foreign academics and researchers.

In terms of the order of magnitude, it may be assumed that the data provided give a quite realistic picture of the exchange of academics and researchers directly funded by German funding organisations, although important organisations such as the Volkswagen Foundation and the Fraunhofer Society are unable, for organisational reasons, to provide appropriate data.The available data probably underestimate rather than overestimate the directly funded exchange of academics and researchers.

The available data provide no information on the scope and extent of the overall exchange of academics and researchers between Germany and other countries around the world, because, not least, no information is available on the exchange of academics and researchers financed by funding organisations in other countries or financed from project budgets, regardless of the German and foreign organisations involved. It is to be assumed that the scope and extent of academic and research exchange with Germany not recorded by the acquired data is substantial.

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