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Funded groups

In the exchange of academics and researchers, Wissenschaft weltoffen differentiates between the following funded groups:

  • Postgraduates
    Holders of an academic degree who receive funding either as foreigners in Germany or as Germans abroad to enable them to work on a doctoral dissertation or thesis; this group also includes individuals who, after completing their studies, receive a research grant but do not intend to gain a doctorate. This group does not include postgraduates who hold a Bachelor's degree and receive funding for a Master's programme or who after gaining a Diplom degree receive funding for a second degree course or a course of continuing or extension studies.
  • Postdocs
    Holders of a doctorate whose stay in Germany respectively abroad is funded so that they can do research and gain further qualifications.
  • Academics/Researchers/University Teachers
    University teachers and researchers at higher education institutions and re-search institutes whose stay as a foreigner in Germany or as a German abroad is funded.

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