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Degree groups

Degree groups are content-related groups of final degrees and so make up part of the classification for the recording and preparation of data on degrees which are contained in the official examination and student statistics.

Degrees gained in a first degree course as well as those awarded for a course of (post)graduate studies can be grouped together into degree groups. "Wissenschaft weltoffen" above all strongly concentrates the many degree groups which the official higher education statistics record as teaching degrees.

WWO Official Statistics
Diplom (Uni) and corresponding degrees Diplom (Uni) and corresponding degrees

Doctorate as a degree awarded for a first degree course
Doctorate as a degree awarded for a course of doctoral studies
- without required final examination
- with required final examination
Lehramt (teaching degree) - state (primary and lower secondary school, primary level) teaching degree
- cross-level secondary I level/primary school teaching degree
- other teaching degrees by school types / school levels
artistic degrees artistic degrees
FH degrees(universities of applied sciences) FH degrees(universities of applied sciences)
Bachelor's degrees Bachelor's degrees
Master's degrees Master's degrees
other degrees other degrees

see: Final degrees

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