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Regional classification

The regional classification documents the regional origin of foreign academics, researchers and students and/or the regional destinations of German academics, researchers and students. The official higher education statistics in Germany use a regional classification which has two levels: Continents and individual countries. Individuals are placed into these regional units on the basis of their nationality.

To carry out medium-level, aggregated analyses, "Wissenschaft weltoffen" uses a regional classification system "Länder der Erde" (Countries of the World) that was developed by the DFG, but which had to be slightly modified to take account of the classification contained in the official higher education statistics. The DFG classification system has three levels:

Continents: Geographically-geopolitically defined regions and parts of the world that encompass many countries
Regions: Groups of geographically and geopolitically adjacent countries within individual continents at a medium aggregation level
Countries: Individual countries, also called countries of origin / home countries of foreign students, academics or researchers respectively target countries / host countries for German students, academics or researchers

Please note that this classification allocates Turkey to the continent Europe and together with Greece and Cyprus to the region Eastern Europe.

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