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Study funding

The economic and social situation of students is essentially determined by the question of how they fund their studies. The student income during their studies is the decisive element of study funding. The funding of studies forms the core of the DSW Social Surveys which DZHW carries out on a three-yearly cycle. The latest results were obtained from the 19th Social Survey carried out in the summer semester 2009.

The many different ways of life of students correspond with the just as many different forms of running a household and with their various financial circumstances. In order to be able to record students with comparable economic (financial) conditions, the survey defined various household categories which served as a basis for differentiating students. Wissenschaft weltoffen only presents the results for the household category "Standard Student". A "standard student" is defined as a single student enrolled in a first degree course and not living with his/her parents. This type of student is the one on which maintenance and funding policy considerations are mainly based (standard case). In 2003, almost two thirds of all students in total, including the Bildungsauslaender students, could be assigned to this household category.

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