Wissenschaft weltoffen 2019

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Wissenschaft weltoffen 2018 figures

A - International academic mobility and transnational education

I. - International student mobility

II. - International mobility of academics and researchers

III. - Transnational education

Spotlight: - International student mobility in Canada

B - Foreign students in Germany

I. - Foreign students overall

II. - Bildungsauslaender: Degree-related mobility

Spotlight: - Drop-out rate among Bildungsauslaender

Spotlight: - Access to higher education for Bildungsauslaender through Studienkollegs

III. - Bildungsauslaender: Temporary study-related visits

IV. - Temporary study-related Erasmus visits

C - German students abroad

I. - Degree-related mobility

II. - Temporary study-related mobility

III. - Temporary study-related Erasmus visits

Spotlight: - Digital and international mobility during academic studies: Experiences and expectations of German students

D - Foreign academics and researchers in Germany

I. - Academic staff at universities

II. - Academic staff at non-university research institutions

III. - Guest researchers

E - German academics and researchers abroad

I. - Academics and researchers at universities

II. - Guest researchers abroad

Focus: - Internationalisation of non-academic university staff











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