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Wissenschaft weltoffen 2020 figures


A International academic mobility and transnational education

1 International student mobility

2 International mobility and cooperation among academics and researchers

Spotlight European academic collaboration in the Horizon 2020 research framework programme

3 Transnational education projects of German universities

Special spotlight COVID-19 and the consequences for international student mobility - initial findings and forecasts

B International students in Germany

1 International students

2 Degree-related mobility

Spotlight Refugees at German universities - review and outlook

3 Temporary study-related visits abroad

C German students abroad

1 Degree-related mobility

2 Temporary study-related visits abroad

D International academics and researchers in Germany

1 International academics and researchers at German universities

Spotlight International doctoral candidates in Germany

2 International academics and researchers at non-university research institutes

3 International guest researchers in Germany

E German academics and researchers abroad

1 German academics and researchers at foreign universities

2 German guest researchers abroad












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